Work And Travel Vize Hazırlık Sorular

1) Kendinizi tanıtır mısınız?

What is your name?

Cevap:Ahmet Saymaz. 

Can / Could you tell me your name, please?

Cevap:I`m Ahmet. I`m from Istanbul. I study tourism management in Istanbul.

2)Hangi okulda okuyorsun?

Where do you study?, Where are you studying at?, Which school are you studying at?, Which university are you studying at?

Cevap: I study in Istanbul. 

What is your department? ,What do you study?

Cevap: My department is tourism and management , I study tourism and management.

3)Okul ne zaman kapanacak ve açılacak?

When does your school close?

Cevap:It closes on June

 When does your school open?

Cevap:It open on september 1.

4)Okula ne zaman başladın?

When did you start your university/school? When did your school start? How many years have you completed so far?

Cevap: I started 2 years ago.

5)Kaçıncı sınıftasın?

What year are you at?

Cevap: I am in year 2. This is my second year.

6)Okulunu ne zaman bitireceksin?

When will you finish your university? When are you going to finish your university? When will you graduate from your school/university? When are you going to graduate from your school/university? When are you expected to graduate?

Cevap:I will finish my university next year.

7)Not ortalaman kaç?

What is your GPA? What’s your average? What’s your grade average? How are your notes/points?

Cevap:My GPA is tree point thirty three

8)Boş zamanlarında ne yaparsın ?

What do you do in you free time? What are your hobbies ?

Cevap:I like to play basketball and I like to listen music in my free time.

9)İşinizle ilgili sorular?

What will you do when you go to usa? Which department will you work?

Cevap:I will work as cooker in usa

When can you start to work?, What time are you planning to go usa?,when will you start to work?

Cevap:I will start to work in 10.june. I`m planning to go usa in 10 june.

Do you know the details about your job?

Cevap: Yes. I will work in ……I will get 10 Dollars an hour. Accommodation is ……80. Dolars a week/month. I will pay for food.

10)Okul bittikden sonra hedefler?

What do you want to do in future? What do you want to do after completing your school? What is your plans after graduation?

Cevap: I want to be a director.

11)Amerikaya neden gitmek istiyorsun?

Why do you want to go to Usa?

Cevap:I want to improve myself like my english and I want see diffirent culture like that.

12)Yurt dışı tecrübeleriniz?

Have you ever been in usa or Have you traveled to usa?

Cevap:yes or no

Have you been abroud or have you traveled abroud?

Cevap:yes or no

13)Genel sorular?

What will you do when you go back to Turkey?

What is your favorite course?

Tell me about your work experience?

Do you have any brother or sisters?


Will anyone accompany you?

Do you have working experience ?

What kind of work experiences do you have ? What are you planning / willing to do in America/USA ?

Do you think you can handle/do this job ?

What are the three things that would make you a good employee ?

Do you think about the difficulties of this job ?

Do you have any friends/relatives in the USA?


1) When will you graduate?

Will you graduate/are you graduating this summer? (ne zaman mezun olacaksınız?)

Cevap:I will graduate this summer. 

2) What will you do after graduate? or what will you do after the summer in the U.S.?

3) What are your plans for future?

Cevap: After working in the USA, I will come back to turkey and I will find a job and will start my career. I will improve my language skills and will have a work experience in America and this will be very good for my CV and useful to find a good job in Turkey.

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