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EEC-ITIS Malta, formally known as the Malta Tourism Institute (ITIS) and EEC Language Centre, is a leading higher education institution specializing in tourism and language studies. Established in the early 2000s, EEC-ITIS Malta is located in San Gwann, Malta , known for its strong tourism sector. EEC-ITIS Malta offers a wide range of language courses including English , German , Italian , Spanish and Maltese . These courses cater to a variety of levels and needs, such as general language skills, professional language use, exam preparation and more.

EEC-ITIS Malta is committed to providing high quality education. The institute is known for its personal attention, expert teachers and friendly atmosphere. Their approach to teaching and learning is tailored to the diverse needs of a student body of diverse nationalities and primary workplaces. EEC-ITIS Malta is licensed by the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority and has partnerships with internationally renowned institutions such as the IMI International Management Institute in Switzerland. Their courses and qualifications are recognized and approved by these organizations and international standards are met.

EEC ITIS Malta Language School Programs

Malta Tourism and Language Institute, known as EEC-ITIS Malta, offers a variety of language courses. Here are some:

English Courses:

  • Extra Short Intensive Courses
  • Short Semi-Intensive Courses
  • English for Professionals
  • Exam Preparation
  • English for managers
  • Standard Year-Round Course
  • 2023 Summer Camp





Various Professional Courses:

  • 2-4 weeks Internship Program
  • 6-week English for Tourism + Practice Program
  • Tourism and Travel Management Studies

EEC ITIS Malta Language School Prices

EEC-ITIS Malta Language School is demanded by international students who study more in the summer months than in the winter months. Prices are high between April and October. Below you can review the agency promotion prices given specifically to our company.

School Accommodation Type

12 weeks

24 weeks

exchange rate
EEC ITIS Malta Room for 2-3 people in shared student house 2,637 5,169

EEC ITIS Malta Language School Accommodation Options

EEC ITIS Malta Language School offers its students a variety of accommodation options:

Homestay: It is the most economical and advantageous option. Staying with a host family helps students practice their English and learn new cultures more effectively. Maltese host families are known for their hospitality and friendliness and often form long-lasting bonds with students. Specific details of costs are not provided on the website, so you may need to contact the school directly for pricing information.

Student Apartment Housing: The School recommends contacting the Administrative office for more information on student apartment availability and pricing. This option will likely offer greater independence and may be suitable for students who prefer to live on their own or with other students.

Hotel Accommodation: St. A variety of hotel options are listed, from five-star hotels to two-star hotels, located in Julian's and Sliema. This option will be more suitable for students looking for a more comfortable and private living space.

EEC ITIS Malta Language School Establishment Year

EEC ITIS Malta Language School, known as the EEC-ITIS Malta Institute of Tourism and Languages, was established in the early 2000s. This educational institution emerged from the merger of two previously separate schools: the Malta Tourism Institute (ITIS) and the EEC Language Centre. The combination of these two organizations brings together their expertise in tourism and language education to create a comprehensive institute that meets a wide range of educational needs in these areas.

EEC ITIS Malta Language School Language of Education

The main language of instruction at EEC ITIS Malta Language School is English. The school specializes in teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL), appealing to a diverse student body of individuals from around the world.

EEC ITIS Malta Language School Opportunities

Facilities at EEC ITIS Malta Language School include:

  • Well-equipped classrooms
  • Free internet service
  • Library
  • photocopy service
  • Student care service

EEC ITIS Malta Language School Social Activities

EEC-ITIS Malta Institute of Tourism and Languages ​​offers a wide range of social activities to complement the educational experience of its students. These activities include:

Excursions and Cultural Excursions: Half-day excursions to places such as Valletta and Malta Experience Show, Mdina, Ta' Qali Craft Village and Rabat, Three Cities, Temple Tour and Beach Excursions, and Harbor Cruises. Full-day trips are available to Gozo and Comino, sightseeing around Malta and cruises to Sicily.

Evening Activities: These include Beach Parties, Festa Nights, Comino by Night Cruises and Fenkatas (traditional Maltese rabbit dish).

Sports Activities: Football, Basketball, Water Polo, Beach Volleyball, Bowling, Tennis and Golf playing opportunities. The Institute also organizes activities such as Horse Riding, Underwater Diving, Sailing, Cinema, Bar Crawl and Jazz Nights, Treasure Hunt, Walking and Aerobics.

Special Events: Some seasonal activities such as Festa Nights during the summer months where students can experience local festivities and fireworks.

Educational and Adventure Trips: These include a Jeep Safari and an extensive tour of Sicily by Catamaran, exploring the less visited parts of the islands.

EEC ITIS Malta Language School Official Application Center

As Kayz International overseas education consultancy, as the official application center of EEC ITIS Malta language school in Turkey, we provide FREE CONSULTANCY regarding the admission process, visa process and many services for students who are considering taking language education .

Advantages of Taking EEC ITIS Malta Language Training

The advantages of studying language at EEC-ITIS Malta branch are:

  • Malta's rich cultural and historical heritage provides a comprehensive learning environment.
  • Exposure to a multicultural and multilingual environment.
  • High educational standards in language education.
  • A wide range of language courses catering to different proficiency levels.
  • Opportunities for practical application of language skills.
  • Small class sizes that guarantee personalized attention.
  • Qualified and experienced teaching staff.
  • Access to modern facilities and resources for learning.
  • Proximity to various tourist attractions for cultural experiences.
  • Internship and applied training opportunities in the tourism and hotel management sectors.

St. Life at Julian's

St. Places to Visit in Julian's

St. Places to Visit in Julian's include:

  • Spinola Bay
  • Portomaso Marina
  • paceville
  • George's Beach
  • Love Monument
  • Balluta Square
  • Julian's Promenade
  • Dragonara Casino
  • Portomaso Tower
  • Spinola Palace
  • Eden Cinemas
  • Bay Street Shopping Complex

St. Julian's Cost of Living

St. The cost of student living at Julian's may vary depending on lifestyle and type of accommodation preferred. On average, the following costs can be considered:

Accommodation: A rented apartment or student dormitory can cost between 400-800 Euros per month on average. Prices vary depending on location and size of apartment.

Food and Beverage: The cost of grocery shopping and eating out can be around 250-400 Euros per month.

Transportation: Public transportation offers discounted fares to students. A monthly transportation pass costs approximately 26 Euros.

Entertainment and Social Activities: An average of 100-200 Euros can be spent per month for entertainment and social activities such as cinemas, cafes, bars and restaurants.

Other Expenses: Personal needs, phone bill, internet, etc. It may be necessary to allocate an extra budget of around 50-100 Euros for this.

St. Transportation in Julian's

St. Julian's is one of Malta's most popular tourist areas, offering visitors a variety of transport options. This area is known for its beautiful beaches, lively nightlife and colorful streets. St. Getting to Julian's is very easy and accessible for intra-island travel.

Buses: St. Julian's is part of Malta's extensive bus network. It is the most popular and economical option for urban and intercity transportation. Buses operate regular services to many different parts of the island. Operated by Malta Public Transport, these buses usually stop frequently and at many stops along the route.

Taxi and Private Vehicle Services: St. It is easy to find a taxi in Julian's and there are taxi stands at many important points. Private car services and ride-sharing applications are widely used in the region. Taxi and private vehicles offer a faster and more personal transportation alternative, but their costs are higher than the bus.

Walking: St. Julian's is ideal for exploring on foot, especially along the coast and in the city centre. There are many restaurants, bars and shops within walking distance. Walking offers the opportunity to experience the lively atmosphere and beautiful views of the area.

Bicycle Rental: St. Julian's is also a popular option for bike rental. There are bike paths and parking spaces throughout the city. Bike rental is both a healthy and environmentally friendly form of transportation.

Ferries: St. Julian's is connected to other parts of Malta by ferry services. Ferries are especially preferred for traveling to Valletta. Ferries offer both a fast and scenic travel option.

St. Store Closing Information at Julian's

St. Closing times for shops in Julian's are generally as follows:

Weekdays: Most shops open around 9:00 or 10:00 in the morning and close around 7:00 or 8:00 in the evening.

Saturday: Most shops open similar to weekday hours, some may close earlier.

Sundays and Public Holidays: Many shops may be closed on Sundays and public holidays, although some stores may be open in tourist areas and large shopping malls.

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EEC-ITIS Malta Institute of Tourism and Languages

9, EEC - ITIS Building,

Triq San Pietru,

San Gwann, SGN 2310,


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